5. SWTVC Bulletin July 2018 Number 5

The SWTVC Website can be found at www.swtvc.org.uk and has up-to-date information about meetings.
Registered address of the SWTVC: 31 Roselea Drive, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8HE


Ronnie Gordon: (Chair & Acting Secretary) 0141 956 2950 07906 042215 Ronnie@Glasgownet.com

31 Roselea Drive, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8HE

John Stewart (Treasurer) 01475 520228 07976 264886 Johnstewartinverkip@tiscali.co.uk

44 Harbourside, Kip Village, Inverkip PA16 0BF

Harry Sherry : (Webmaster) 0141 887 5389 07760 475500 hsherry@tinyworld.co.uk
Corsebar Avenue, Paisley PA2 9QE


John Young: (Membership Secretary) 0141 424 1860 jfyglasgow@gmail.com
139 Terregles Avenue, Pollokshields, Glasgow G41 4DG

Ian Stother: (Member) 0141 776 5330 07974 946461 Stother@outlook.com
11 Fern Avenue, Lenzie G66 4LE

Ronnie Johnston: (Editor) 01555 896633 07766 027500 sb57nfe@gmail.com

Kevin Began: (Events Co-ordinator) 0141 931 5804 07804 322788
49 Roman Court, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2NW

Dave Stewart: (Webmaster) 07539 408986 daavross@tiscali.co.uk

Monthly meetings: These take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the Kirkhouse Inn at 08.00PM.
All members welcome.
The opinions expressed in this bulletin are not necessarily those of the committee or any of its members.


I hope everyone is enjoying the spell of fine weather and taking their cars out as often as they can. I had the Singer in Bedfordshire for the Annual Singer Club rally. In the course of this we visited the Shuttleworth Collection of early aircraft at Old Warden. There is a magnificent display of early aircraft, most of which are in flying condition. There are also some fine cars and motorcycles. Well worth a visit if you have not already been.

Last month I referred to a story about a man who used the domestic dishwasher to clean his alloy wheels.
I thought this would be an urban myth but I have since learned that one of our members used the dishwasher to clean gearbox parts. I will not embarrass him by giving his name but think red Land Rover!


The Club notes with regret the death of former long standing member Alistair Newbigging and extend their sympathy to his partner Margaret and family.

I am grateful to Donald Fraser for this obituary.

Alistair Newbigging:

Alistair joined the SWTVC in circa 1984 and along with his partner Margaret were regular participants in Club events. From social nights at the Queen’s Park Hotel to Picnic Runs and June Rallies, they were always there.
Alistair had a collection of vintage and classic cars which grew over the years and included the following:-
1929 Austin 7 Chummy, 1932 Morris Minor, 1935 Rover, Sunbeam Talbot, 1953 Austin Somerset and an MGB.
Alistair was also a keen collector of model cars and occasionally took an autojumble stall to sell some of his surplus stock.
Alistair and Margaret attended rallies all over Scotland and enjoyed weekend breaks staying at bed and breakfast establishments where they had permanent annual reservations.
We will miss his cheerful presence and care for others.

Donald Fraser

Club Events:

Summer run and lunch: Sunday 5th August.

This will be to the Maritime Museum in Irvine. If it has been a while since you were last there you will see significant improvements including comprehensive wheelchair access.
At the time of our visit there is also an exhibition of maritime paintings.
There will be secure parking within the Museum grounds and a light lunch of soup, sandwiches, tea, coffee and cake will be provided in two sittings due to size limitations of the cafeteria.
If you have any special dietary requirements please let Dave Stewart know in advance.
The Club will meet the cost of admission and the meal.
There will be a “Long Haul” award for the furthest travelled so remember to zero the trip before leaving home.
Meet at Showcase Cinema Phoenix Business Park, Linwood, PA1 2BH (just off the A737) at 10.30 for an 11.00 departure.

Bus run and afternoon tea.

This will be in September but we are still trying to confirm a date.

Autojumble: Saturday 13th October

This will be held in the usual venue:
St Cyprian,s  Church Hall, Beech  Road,  Lenzie, G66  4HN.

This is a good opportunity to de-clutter the workshop and make a little money. It is also an excellent social event. There will be a Tombola and hot drinks and bacon rolls are available. If you wish to take a table (No charge.) contact Ian Stother, details above. Persons taking tables should arrive at 09.00 with the hall being opened to the public at 10.00.

AGM: Monday 3rd December.
Come along and have a say on how your Club is run. Kilmardinny House at 07.30.

Mid Winter Dinner: Friday 18th January.

We will be using the same restaurant as in the past two years which has proved very satisfactory.
1051 GWR, 1051 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0XP.
Cost and booking details will follow.

Motoring Trivia:

The first motor car in Antarctica

Ernest Shackleton was an Edwardian adventurer who could have sprung from the pages of “Boy’s Own” comic.
He made three expeditions to Antarctica and is best remembered for the final expedition when his ship, RRS Endurance, became trapped in the ice and was finally crushed and sunk in spite of having been specifically designed to withstand these pressures. With enormous courage and against all odds he brought the entire crew to safety with no loss of life.

However, my story refers to his second expedition on a little ship called Nimrod and involved the first use of a motorised vehicle on a polar expedition. This was a Scottish built Arrol-Johnston donated by the industrialist William Beardmore who had a large financial interest in the company and doubtless hoped to derive good publicity from his generosity.

Although the car did not do everything they had hoped for, it did prove useful in moving stores. There was no experience of how a car would operate in such extreme conditions and the mechanic had to use all his ingenuity to keep it running. Engine oil could become almost solid and, paradoxically, the air cooled engine often overheated.

The following is an extract from the account written by the driver / mechanic.

My first Journey was in August, when I took some of the southern journey grub, about 1500lb weight, on two sledges and three people up, sitting on the back member.
For the first eight miles the ice was very good, but after that it was covered with drifted snow. I did about four miles an hour on this surface and about eight on the ice, over cracks and everything, some of them being about 1 ft 6 in across.

I firmly believe the old car would go anywhere, she could stand anything. This was one of the longest journeys. I did about 5 miles. I calculated out the whole distance covered while I was down there, being about 500 miles quite. Eighteen hundred pound was the heaviest load I pulled with three people. When I took the southern journey and the supporting party away – nine people in all – it was blowing 30 miles per hour and 30deg. of frost, the coldest ride I ever had or ever want head wind all the way.

The base hut at Cape Royds on Ross Island is still standing and has been restored to very much as it was. A spare wheel from the car was found lying where it had been left but there was no sign of the car. It is not known if it returned with the expedition or was left in the icy wastes. Either way, its whereabouts are unknown, and that is a shame.

Note the skis on the front wheels
All that remains today