SWTVC Bulletin June 2019 Number 14

SWTVC BULLETIN June 2019 Number 14

The SWTVC Website can be found at www.swtvc.org.uk and has up-to-date information about meetings.

Registered address of the SWTVC: 31 Roselea Drive, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8HE  


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31 Roselea Drive, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8HE  

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Harry Sherry : (Webmaster)        0141 887 5289    07760 475500     hsherry@tinyworld.co.uk

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John Young: (Membership Secretary)            0141 424 1860                                jfyglasgow@gmail.com

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Ian Stother: (Member)           0141 776 5330    07974 946461     Stother@outlook.com    

11 Fern Avenue, Lenzie G66 4LE

Ronnie Johnston: (Editor)  01555 896633      07766 027500      sb57nfe@gmail.com

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Monthly meetings:  These take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the Kirkhouse Inn at 08.00PM.

All members welcome.


The opinions expressed in this bulletin are not necessarily those of the committee or any of its members.

Club BBQ:

This was held at the Maid of the Loch at Balloch, a familiar venue.

The weather did not look promising in the morning but brightened up as the day progressed.

It remained overcast and a bit chilly but at least it stayed dry.

Ian Wright devised a very interesting route taking us over several interesting little back roads on the east side of Loch Lomond. These were largely traffic free and ideal for old cars. I thought I was familiar with all the roads in this area but I must confess that a lot of the route was new to me.

Well done Ian!

Some members expressed disappointment that the burgers on offer were cold. I only learned this after the event, the burger I was served was fine and consequently I was unaware of the problem.

We used the same people as last year and that had been satisfactory so this came as a surprise.

Apologies to everyone affected.

Liz Young took a number of photos which are on the Club website.

Millport Rally:

This took place on Saturday 11th May and I am grateful to Harry Sherry for his account of the event.

I attended this event last year and I can endorse everything Harry has said. In addition to everything Harry has mentioned I can add that there is also an impressive model railway layout.

Harry remarks that this could be a good venue for a Club outing and I believe it would be worthy of consideration, what do others think?

Was it Millport or Maderia for the Cumbrae Classic Car event?  

Wonderful weather, with the temperature rising into the twenties, it was easy to make a mistake.

Millport sunset

Millport shoreline

Even the wait for the ferry crossing was fun. Although a 45 minute queue getting out of the car and chatting to other Classic owners was pleasant. The ten minute crossing was another added excitement of the day.  Then a short drive into Millport, taking care to avoid cyclists of all ages, meandering into and out of the town.  Sometimes the toddlers had more road sense than the teenagers and seniors.  Young lovers holding hands while cycling in the middle of the road, whole family groups, like The Broons, circumnavigating the island (10miles),

A big bonus for the day was the crowning of The Isle of Cumbrae Queen.Maids of honours, guards of honour (island primary school boys and girls), pipe band and a mixedvoice choir.

And not to forget the Garrison Café No  nonsense coffee choices

Americano= Black coffee

Latte= Milky coffee

Cappuccino =  Frothy coffee

Mocha  =  Choccycoffee

Flat white  =  White coffee

Espresso  =  Strong coffee

Tea    =     Not coffee

Hot chocolate  =  Also not coffee

A good collection of Classic cars, 1920’s right through to fairly modern and sports cars.

Met only one pair of SWTVC members, Bill & Pat McCreath.

Well worth considering for next year.

Harry Sherry

AustinA35   VYU 781


When driving home to Paisley from Greenock, along the M8 recently, I had the experience that most Classic Car drivers come across.  A breakdown.

Managed on the hard shoulder,  put out the warning triangle I always carry, then phoned RAC.  I was advised the wait would be 45/50 minutes.  Even pleading I was on my own, it was raining and cold and that I was elderly and felt vulnerable, cut no ice.  After 45 minutes RAC called me back.  Unfortunately, as the patrol was very busy, it would be a further hour to wait.  As suppose we have all been there at some time.

Luckily my daughter-in- law saw me as she was driving past.  She managed to turn around, at next exit, then came back to check if there was anything she could help me with.

Then another call from RAC.  Engineer is still very busy.  Will be a further 30 minutes.

As it was now very cold and wet, we were outside the car on the grass verge,  we decided for my daughter-in-law drive to us back to The Coast restaurant, at Langbank, for a hot drink.

I called RAC to advised I was leaving the vehicle at location to go for shelter and a hot drink.  As they had my phone number they agreed the patrol would phone when almost at the location.  That agreed we set off for the restaurant.

Now here is the moral of my story.  After a while the patrol called me to advised 10 minutes E.T.A.

We arrived back at the car just behind the RAC patrol.  The motorway police were now there, all lights flashing.  They had phoned my home, using data from DVLA records.  My wife advised them I was close by having a hot drink and would be there shortly.

Before the RAC patrol could ask me what I thought the problem might be one of the cops was right in with a warning.  We were ready to call a tow truck, he told me, you should not have left the vehicle here without advising the police.  Telling RAC I was leaving the vehicle to get shelter and a hot drink is not sufficient.  I should have called 101 to advise the police why the vehicle was unattended.

I have never been aware of this requirement.  So be warned.  If it happens to you, on a motorway, call the cops on 101 if you are leaving the vehicle, otherwise it might not be there when you return.

Harry Sherry.

Tuesday meeting at Kirkhouse Inn:

The Inaugural Third Tuesday Revival Meeting on 21st May was very well attended as nearly 35 cars turned up in the Kirkhouse Inn car park. Less than half the cars / owners were SWTVC members and so many cars which were different and interesting appeared from other clubs. The cars ranged in age from the 1930’s to the 2000’s and the makes included  Aston Martin, Alvis, Austin, Bristol, Cadillac, Daimler, Hudson, Jaguar, Lotus MG, Mercedes, Morris, Porsche, Riley and Rover . The Kirkhousesaid that 38 people had a meal and all reports on the food were favourable. The good weather on the Tuesday evening helped the good turnout and while it is not likely to have this level of participation from other clubs on a regular basis all SWTVC members are reminded of these third Tuesday meetings at the Kirkhouse Inn, Strathblane. During the summer months of May, June, July and August club members will hopefully make the effort to come out in their eligible cars arriving between 19.30 and 20.00.

A photo and short video clip of the meeting has appeared on the facebook page of the Kirkhouse Inn.

Dan Gardner.


Ronnie Gordon and I took a run up to Crieff last week to speak to the Events Coordinator at the Hydro.

We took the opportunity to check out the locality for visits of interest. This is still a “work in progress” and I hope to have more information on all our proposed events in the next Bulletin.

The Transport (Scotland) Bill:

I am grateful to Roger Martin for drawing attention to this.

Briefly, the Scottish Government’s proposals in connection with Low Emission Zones (LEZs), as presently drafted, differ from their English equivalents in that they do not include any exemptions for Historic vehicles. This would mean our cars would be prohibited from entering any designated LEZ which will probably be every Scottish city and town centre when fully implemented.

Roger has already sent a letter to his MSP and has kindly forwarded a copy which can be used to write to your own MSP.

This is important and urgent please do not forget


MSP e-mail addresses can be found at https://www.parliament.scot/msps/current-msps.aspx#N

High Importance

The Transport (Scotland) Bill


I ask you to please support the amendments to the Transport Scotland Bill being proposed by MurdoFraser concerning Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Scotland  

I am in favour of LEZs to cut pollution and its effect on many people’s health.

However, as an owner of an historic car, I cannot accept being banned from using them in our Cities on the very rare occasions that I may wish to join a show or rally in them in the town.

In addition we cannot allow:

1) Businesses in our Cities dealing in, maintaining and preserving historic vehicles being prevented from carrying on their businesses.

2) Active evidence of the motoring culture and history of Scotland being expunged from

Scotland’s cities.

3) The many veteran, vintage and classic car clubs from England and Europe, who organise tours in Scotland to be excluded from using hotels and restaurants in our cities to their financial detriment.

I understand that The Bill, including Mr Fraser’s amendments, is to be discussed in the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee on 5th, 12th & 19th June.

If you have sympathy with my view, please discuss it with Mr. Fraser to reach a common and therefore more effective approach to stop this injustice from occurring.

I thank you for your attention to my concerns,

Kind regards

P.S.  For more background information, please see below.

Further Information

Proposed amendments to Transport (Scotland) Bill- Stage 2

Section 1

Murdo Fraser

30 In section 1, page 1, line 18, at end insert or

(d)  the vehicle was constructed more than 30 years before 1January of the year in which

it is driven on a road within a low emission zone.

Murdo Fraser

31 In section 1,page 1, line 18,at end insert-

) For the avoidance of doubt, reference to “a vehicle” in subsection (1)(d) includes a vehicle registered in a country or territory outwith the United Kingdom.”

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs results of 2019 Survey

9.8m people in the UK are interested in historic vehicles.
Average distance covered by an historic vehicle is 2,214 miles per annum.
21m people see historic vehicles as an important element of the UKs heritage.
11.3m people think historic vehicles should be exempt from restrictions of low and ultra-low emissions imposed on other vehicles.
5.1m people are interested in owning an historic vehicle.
60% of owners say owning an historic vehicle is one of the most important things in their life.
An owner spends an average of £1,489 per historic vehicle per annum.

Further Informtion

Interest in historic vehicles sustains economic activity worth £5.5 billion annually to the UK economy and supports the employment of nearly 35,000 people. Scotland’s share of that is likely to be proportional.

Historic vehicles represent an integral part of the cultural heritage of Scotland

Historic vehicles are of many kinds; cars, motorcycles, buses, coaches, lorries, vans, utility vehicles, military vehicles, tractors and other agricultural vehicles and steam engines.

Historic vehicle owners restore and preserve these vehicles at their own expense for their historic interest, and to exhibit them at exhibitions, shows, community  fetes, etc.

They use the country’s highways both in order to attend at those events, but also to participate in touring events and for general leisure purposes.

Historic vehicles do not truly form a part of the contemporary transportation structure of Scotland. The primary purpose of their journey is seldom the transportation of

either goods or people from one point to another. Such use is a purely incidental part of their preservation and presentation to the public and to those having an interest in mobile heritage.

That’s all folks,

Ronnie Johnston.