We begin the New Year with a new chairman and a new secretary who have taken
over these duties from Ronnie Gordon who retired at the December AGM after more
than 10 years service to our club.
Ian Stother has also retired after many years of service.
I would like to thank both Ronnie and Ian for their valued service to the Club over
many years.
Our new Chairman is Alan Brown and his wife, Sandra,
has taken on the duties of
Secretary. Mob: 07951 732611
Alan and Sandra are relatively new members so I asked them to introduce
themselves for the benefit of members who have not already met them.
Trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse for 28years. Took a few years out to bring
up son.
Went back to University , trained in Social Services then worked with Crossreach
caring for children with additional support needs.
Currently semi-retired working two mornings per week in family business.
Gardening, my classic cars, skiing, my classic car is a 1959 Beardmore Paramount
Recently retired after 47 years as a production manager with large multinational
engineering firm.
Hobbies are classic cars, skiing and DIY.
Looking forward to spending more leisure time on my classic cars. My classic car is
an Austin Strachan LL 1935.
I am pleased to report we have recently enrolled a new member.
George Dow, who is probably already known to a few members, has joined our
George has been a lifelong car and motorcycle enthusiast and currently runs a
Morgan Plus 4 which he has owned since 1982.
He is a gifted photographer and particularly likes to take action shots of traditional
sports cars. He recently wrote an article for the Monklands Sporting Car Club about
the Le Jog Land’s End to John O’Groats Rally It is an interesting piece with some
excellent photos taken as the cars drove up “The Rest”
. Follow the link below to see it.
This will be at our usual venue 1051 GWR ON Friday 17
January. (19.00 for 19.30.)
The Club will subsidise this and the cost to members will be £15.00 per head which
will include a drink. If you have not already done so please let Ronnie Gordon know
if you are coming.
Rallye Monte Carlo Historique & Classique
I don’t expect anyone needs reminding of but I include this for the benefit of anyone
who has been on the moon recently.
The Scottish Start of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique & Classique will return to
Glasgow this year. The Start Ramp will be set up in front of the City Chambers in
George Square. The first car will leave at 7.00pm on Wednesday 29
To SWTVC Members who have Tiscali Email Addresses.
John Young our membership Secretary has asked me to include this.
Tiscali is owned by TalkTalk, and the email addresses have previously been
From 29/12/2019 Tiscali email addresses will be closed down unless you are a TalkTalk broadband customer or you sign up to
Talk Talk Mail Plus at a cost of £5 per month.
If you have a query on your email status contact Talk Talk on 0800-990-3635.
If you have an alternative email address or obtain a new one please let John know.
It is often forgotten that Scotland played its part in the early days of motoring.
Albion in Glasgow, Argyle in Alexandria, Galloway in Kirkcudbright and
Arrol Johnston in Dumfries were the main players.
However, I have a story about an almost forgotten marque and a brave venture to
re-create an example of the product.
To explain, almost 100 years ago there was a small factory in Dalbeattie building
cyclecars. Tragically, this was destroyed by fire before production had got fully
underway and it is believed none of the brief production run have survived.
However, there were still plans and some parts held by the family of the firm’s
The Men’s Shed in Dalbeattie are creating a replica using as many original parts as
they can.
This work is well in hand and it is hoped to display the finished article at the Glasgow
Motor Show in 2021 which is the centenary of the original car being displayed.
This link will take you to some information on the project.
That’s all folks; hope to see you at the dinner on the 17