Autojumble 2016

Hi Autojumble 8th Oct – St Cyprian’s church hall, Lenzie.

This Autojumble, the third held at this venue, attracted quite a number of members and other enthusasts.

This is also a social event and let’s members exchange information and tales of the now ending driving season.

 Liz Young, our secretary, invited all attending to take part in a prize quiz competition. ( see questions & answers below).  The .50p quiz charge raised £16.00, to be donated to St Cyprian church funds.

Automotive Alphabetic – Prize Quiz
All answers relate to motoring
50p donation to St Cyprians.
Entries to be returned by 1.00 pm
What A helps register current?                                           Ammeter
What B stores electrical energy?                                        Battery
What C did Mr Shaw patent?                                             Cat’s eyes
What D creates better braking?                                         Disc brakes
What E comes in various cubic capacity?                        Engines
What F drives the cooling fan?                                          Fan belt
What G is the US term for petrol?                                    Gas
What H cools modern headlights?                                   Halogen
What I advises direction?                                                   Indicator lights
What J is important for a flat battery?                            Jump leads
What K allows steering direction control?                     King pins
What L is required to remove a tyre?                              Lever
What M is a reservoir for brake fluid?                            Master cylinder
What N is required to be road legal?                               Number plates
What O advises mileage?                                                   Odometer
What P ignites vaporised fuel?                                         Spark Plugs
What Q makes motorists blood boil?                              Queues of Traffic
What R rapidly distributes electrical power?                Rotor arm
What S require to be illuminated after dark?                Side lights
What T allows the transfer of power?                             Transmission
What U is used to join pipes (exhausts etc)?                 U-bolts
What V aids wheeled transport comfort?                       Vulcanisation
What W is essential for UK motoring?                           Wipers
What Z made road crossing safer?                                  Zebra crossing

The tiebreaker question.

How many dried peas were in a jar?

Maybe a strange tiebreaker.  But it meant no one could punch up Google for the answer.

The answer was:!  Believe it or not!

107 was the number of peas.


Winner Ian Walker.

Prize: 5 litre concentrate screen wash additive.